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At Conrad Hardwood Flooring and Construction our goal is to not only design and build the best flooring solution for you but to make the process easy and enjoyable. We are a full-service design/build company with experience in hardwood floors, tile and general construction.

We have a experience in a variety of custom services (click to see our work):

Custom Staircases
3 Banded Borders
Hand Scraping
Historical Restoration
Walnut Floors
Triple Intersecting Knot

Please let us help you with your next flooring project - call the owner Chris directly at (913) 233-9543 or e-mail him at
 Hardwood Floor Finsh 101
When choosing the right type of finish for your hardwood floors, consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. All wood floors require the routine maintenance of sweeping and dust mopping. The type of floor finish you select will have a big impact on the type of care your floors will require to retain a fresh appearance for years to come.

Floor surface finishes are important because they protect your wood flooring by offering durability, water resistance, and require minimal maintenance. Surface finishes are blends of synthetic resins. These finishes are often referred to as urethanes or polyurethanes, and remain on the surface of the wood to form a protective coating. The types of surface finishes available are: water-based, oil-based (polyurethane), and acid curing (Glitsa).
 Cleaning and Caring for Hardwood Floors
Instructions for new floors:
Finish - The newly applied finish on your floor may appear to be too glossy at first. Keep in mind that as the floor ages and cures to reach its maximum durability, the sheen will "Die Down".

Furniture - Do not move furniture back onto the floor for 24 - 36 hours after the final coat. Place furniture down, do not scoot or slide. Take extra care the first days until cured. Always use adhesive backed felt pads on the furniture legs. Please contact Conrad Hardwood about moving appliances onto hardwood.

Area Rugs – NO Area rugs or throw rugs for 21 – 90 days. Rugs hinder the air flow needed to promote the curing process. Discoloration and clouding may occur if a rug is put down too early. Different finishes require different waiting periods...
 Different Types of wood cuts
There are 3 general types of cuts of wood: Flat Sawn, Rift Sawn, and Quarter sawn wood. These indicate the type of angle that the log was sawn at - which generates differences in quality and appearance.

The most common type of wood cut is flat (also called plain sawing). In this case the log is sawed at a flat angle from top to bottom. The saw blade angle stays constant (horizontal) as it slices through the log. The appearance of the grains are straight lines along the length of the board with an arch shape on the ends of the board. Given its beautiful appearance this is a very common cut used in hardwood floors. As this cut produces the least waste it produces the least expensive boards.

An alternate approach is to cut the log into quarters and then make radial cuts within those quarters....
About Us
Conrad Hardwood Flooring has more than twenty-one years of experience serving the Kansas City area as a hardwood flooring installation and refinishing expert. Conrad Hardwood is an independent, privately owned and operated business specializing in installing, refinishing and resurfacing hardwood floors. We take pride in our “old world” approach to the art of hardwood installation, refinishing, and historic restorations. We still hand rub every coat of stain into every floor we refinish, and we never sub out any of our finish work; all of our sanding and finish work is still done in house.

Chris Conrad, the owner, is on every job site; no exceptions. Our customers are not limited to any manufacturers’ choice of stain colors; Conrad Hardwood offers custom stain colors designed specifically for each job and to the customer’s specifications by our stain design expertise.

Experience the Conrad Hardwood difference. Conrad Hardwood, quality service at a competitive price.
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